What’s the catch?

I dare not to say nothing but do consider the things below:

  1. You would need an invitation to sign up for a blog.
  2. You can’t upload anything to the server but you can post images from a postbar that retrieves all your Flickr images and set up a Flickr photo album within your blog.
  3. Except for the stylesheets of all themes theme files, you can’t edit any file on the server but you can upload themes and plugins you’d like to use on your blog provided that the theme or plugin is reviewed and passed by us.
  4. You cannot put up any monetizing materials (e.g. Google AdSense, etc.) or any sort of for-profit advertisements but the same rule applies to us, we won’t place any advertisement on your blog or, as a matter of fact, anywhere on there site.
  5. You must blogging actively (at least an update per month) or else your blog would be scheduled for deletion but we would backup your blog entries on and send it to you before completely removing it.
  6. You can’t upgrade (as in to the newer version of WordPress) your blog by yourself but we’ll do it for you after every stable release of WordPress has been tested.