The story of BlogrunN

I have been blogging since it wasn’t a word. I discovered WordPress ages ago, when not yet exist and WordPress MU was just a big (working) dream. It was Blogsome gave me the first exposure of WordPress. I was happy back then until I found out that Blogsome was as outdated as riding quadricycle in the middle of Toronto city!

And wanted more with my blog!

I moved to the then baby It grows fast. Maybe because it eats a lot. It was so adorable. Matt makes a good father. However my itchy fingers had already got used to playing around with HTMLs but doesn’t allow me to even touch its fancy clothes unless I pay. It said, “no pay, no play!”

I thought it was fine until I, again, felt that I wanted more with my blog so badly. So, I decided to run my blog on my very own server.

My server had excessive storage, so I thought, why don’t I share this with other people. From there, came the idea of BlogrunN where blogs are installed individually and blog owners can have whatever themes and plugins they like.