How to design the WP-Content directory?

pon registration, an invitee will be asked to upload a zipped WP-Content directory which contains all the plugins and themes that are going to be used in the blog he/she registering for. To design the WP-Content directory follow these simple steps:

1. On you computer hard disk, create a folder and name it “wp-content” and also sub-folders named “plugins” and “themes”. In the “plugins” folder create a sub-folder called “widgets”.

2. Get your themes and plugins either by creating them using your own magic wand or download from the directories below:

  • Plugins:
  • Codex Plugin List
  • Plugins on Blogging Pro
  • Plugin Repository (for developers)
  • Themes:
  •, the official theme directory
  • List of themes on the Codex
  • Alex King’s Theme Directory
  • Template Monster paid themes

3. Place the WordPress themes, plugins and widgets in the “themes”, “plugins” and “widgets” sub-folders respectively.

4. Zip your wp-content folder into .zip or .tar.gz and you are done! Just upload the zipped wp-content when registering.

By default, the folowing plugins and themes are installed to your blog and you do not need to downlad them:

  • Akismet plugin
  • Sidebar Widgets plugin (and the widgets it comes with),
  • WordPress Database Backup plugin,
  • Hello Dolly,
  • WordPress Classic theme, and
  • WordPress Default theme

The files in the wp-content directory you upload will rewrite the existing files with the same name on the server.

It’s always good to use widget-ready themes!

What I can and cannot do with my blog? October 12, 2006

This post is incomplete!

With BlogrunN, you can…

  • Customize the stylesheets of each theme
  • Upload a theme or plugin (which will first be reviewed before being installed)
  • Upload files through in-line uploading when creating and editing a page/post
  • Delete your blog when you don’t want it to be hosted on BlogrunN anymore and have the backup file of your blog
  • Use blog publishing tools such as Windows Live Writer, ecto, etc.

But you cannot…

  • Put up any monetizing materials (e.g. Google AdSense, etc.) or any sort of for-profit advertisements but the same rule applies to us, we won’t place any advertisement on your blog or, as a matter of fact, anywhere on there site.
  • Automagically revert customized theme stylesheets with a click of button (You’ve got to do it manually)
  • Access the FTP
  • Post thru email (why would you want to? It’s not safe!)

How to password-protect a blog page/post?October 6, 2006

When writing a new post/page or editing one, find “Password-Protect Post” as shown in the picture below.

Click the “+” sign and enter the password for that particular post/page in the text box as pointed in the picture below.

Continue typing and editing your post/page and publish it.

How to sign up for a blog? 

For the time being, we only offer blog sign up through invitations. You can request for invitation if you like. If you are a beginner, you might wanna try, BlogLots, Blogates or the more popular one, Blogger. The first three are powerd by WordPress MU which quite similar, but not as powerful, with the individual WordPress installation on BlogrunN.

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