Blogs upgraded!

In case you did not notice, we’ve upgraded WordPress blogs on BlogrunN to the latest stable version 2.0.6. It is noted along with the post about the release at the WordPress Development that it might be the last release before version 2.1. Yay!

Since we’ve been using the 2.1 for our blogs (i.e. BlogrunN Psst! and Supportsites), here are some hints. Well, basically everything is almost like including:
-Nicer-looking login/registration page
-Wider categorization to Blogroll (known as Links in WP2.0.x) and posts
-Spell-check, Autosave
-Blog visibility options
-Front page options
-and aplenty more!

There are quite a number of blogs that we’ve not upgraded to the latest release because they’ve been outdated as in the blog owners probably do not want keep the blog. Those blog owners should see an alert message in their blog dashboard. We are going to delete those rotten blogs by 15 February 2007.

We are currently formulating a way to measure whether or not a blog should be kept on BlogrunN and also a mechanism for it to be presented. We are trying to optimize BlogrunN’s resources so that we can provide efficient hosting for good blogs as many as we can.