WTF?!The story

BlogrunN is driven by the enthusiasm in the people who believe in ad-free internet and the freedom humans get from it. This initiative is 100% non-profit and here at BlogrunN, we are okay about it. BlogrunN is aimed to enable truly inspired individuals who are passionate about writing a weblog to blog with optimum freedom in hand. Because of that, we only host weblogs for experienced bloggers and group weblogs for the sake of blogging.

If anyone is wondering, “runN” in the name derives from RunN, an independent experimental digital magazine project that is currently put on hold because of the lack of time and resources to really run it. Don’t ask between RunN and BlogrunN, which is the chicken and which is the egg because we do not know either!

BlogrunN is powered by MySQL- and PHP-based blogging software i.e. WordPress. Currently in beta, plans to make other blogging software available and provide other services are also in the pipeline.

If anything, please forward an email message to runnATblogrunnDOTcom. Suggestions and comments are highly welcomed and are very much appreciated.