A little wrap up


As of 3 November, all blogs on BlogrunN that were running on WordPress 2.04 has been upgraded to 2.05 Ronan and bloggers would see something like “your database is outdated… please upgrade” and are required upgrade (or update, actually) the blog. Just follow whatever instruction message you see when logging in to the wp-admin.

It is not MU

Thanks to vkaryl for pointing it out, all WordPress blogs running on BlogrunN are not WordPress MU. Instead, each and every single blog was installed individually with the original WordPress which has been tweaked to suit the restrictions of the service.

Now with WordPress in-line uploading!

As WordPress file management getting better in the future releases and since we don’t mind having your files hosted on our server and as long as the Terms of Service, particularly the highlighted part in clause 1, is observed, bloggers can now upload file onto the server and Flickr integration has been deprecated as a default feature (but those Flickr plugins can still be used). However, you can’t change the “Store uploads in this folder” in Miscellaneous Options which is set to “wp-content/uploads” by default.

Try it out!

We have set up the WordPress demo on BlogrunN which can be accessed at http://demo.blogrunn.com. Anyone interested in hosting a blog on BlogrunN should check it out first!