It seems like everybody has slowed down a little bit (or rather too much). However, that doesn’t stop us giving you an upgrade or two to your WordPress. Now, enjoy the new features of WordPress 2.1. We can expect two more major release coming this year.

At the moment, the members of the team at BlogrunN are engaged with a lot of personal and business commitments. Hence, BlogrunN is expected not get any further expansion for the time being. Not even a new look of the main site. We will still maintain what we are having now like several good blogs hosted without any pinch in your wallet and latest version of WordPress as always to keep your mind free from the technical stuffs. From now onwards, we are going to only give out invitations to those who are serious about blogging. We have quite a number of inefficient blogs on BlogrunN. Up to this date, we’ve never deleted any of these inefficient blogs yet, but we will soon be when the cost of keeping them is unbearable, or if the number grow by a digit. We know it’s hard to reach those blog addicts who just sometimes hate the trouble they are facing with super popular blogging service providers. For that, we need our valued users to spread the words of BlogrunN. Tell the world how do you enjoy blogging and keep the nasty comments to our mailbox.

Till then, keep on blogging!

Blogs upgraded! 

In case you did not notice, we’ve upgraded WordPress blogs on BlogrunN to the latest stable version 2.0.6. It is noted along with the post about the release at the WordPress Development that it might be the last release before version 2.1. Yay!

Since we’ve been using the 2.1 for our blogs (i.e. BlogrunN Psst! and Supportsites), here are some hints. Well, basically everything is almost like including:
-Nicer-looking login/registration page
-Wider categorization to Blogroll (known as Links in WP2.0.x) and posts
-Spell-check, Autosave
-Blog visibility options
-Front page options
-and aplenty more!

There are quite a number of blogs that we’ve not upgraded to the latest release because they’ve been outdated as in the blog owners probably do not want keep the blog. Those blog owners should see an alert message in their blog dashboard. We are going to delete those rotten blogs by 15 February 2007.

We are currently formulating a way to measure whether or not a blog should be kept on BlogrunN and also a mechanism for it to be presented. We are trying to optimize BlogrunN’s resources so that we can provide efficient hosting for good blogs as many as we can.

Upgrading registration system 

We are currently upgrading the registration system. Hence, those who request for invitation and qualified for a blog on BlogrunN (well, almost all requested were qualified), might not receive any invitation within this 3-4 days.

In the future, when registering for a blog, an invitee (OMG, the word is so 15th-century) will be able to design his/her own WP-Content directory which must consist of a theme folder and a plugin folder with all the themes and plugins he/she wants to use for the blog. Of course we reserve the right to review/edit/delete the themes or plugins that do not fit in BlogrunN environment.

Check out the support site to learn how to design WP-Content directory.

A little wrap up November 9, 2006

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As of 3 November, all blogs on BlogrunN that were running on WordPress 2.04 has been upgraded to 2.05 Ronan and bloggers would see something like “your database is outdated… please upgrade” and are required upgrade (or update, actually) the blog. Just follow whatever instruction message you see when logging in to the wp-admin.

It is not MU

Thanks to vkaryl for pointing it out, all WordPress blogs running on BlogrunN are not WordPress MU. Instead, each and every single blog was installed individually with the original WordPress which has been tweaked to suit the restrictions of the service.

Now with WordPress in-line uploading!

As WordPress file management getting better in the future releases and since we don’t mind having your files hosted on our server and as long as the Terms of Service, particularly the highlighted part in clause 1, is observed, bloggers can now upload file onto the server and Flickr integration has been deprecated as a default feature (but those Flickr plugins can still be used). However, you can’t change the “Store uploads in this folder” in Miscellaneous Options which is set to “wp-content/uploads” by default.

Try it out!

We have set up the WordPress demo on BlogrunN which can be accessed at Anyone interested in hosting a blog on BlogrunN should check it out first!

What’s the catch? October 15, 2006

I dare not to say nothing but do consider the things below:

  1. You would need an invitation to sign up for a blog.
  2. You can’t upload anything to the server but you can post images from a postbar that retrieves all your Flickr images and set up a Flickr photo album within your blog.
  3. Except for the stylesheets of all themes theme files, you can’t edit any file on the server but you can upload themes and plugins you’d like to use on your blog provided that the theme or plugin is reviewed and passed by us.
  4. You cannot put up any monetizing materials (e.g. Google AdSense, etc.) or any sort of for-profit advertisements but the same rule applies to us, we won’t place any advertisement on your blog or, as a matter of fact, anywhere on there site.
  5. You must blogging actively (at least an update per month) or else your blog would be scheduled for deletion but we would backup your blog entries on and send it to you before completely removing it.
  6. You can’t upgrade (as in to the newer version of WordPress) your blog by yourself but we’ll do it for you after every stable release of WordPress has been tested.

The story of BlogrunN October 13, 2006

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I have been blogging since it wasn’t a word. I discovered WordPress ages ago, when not yet exist and WordPress MU was just a big (working) dream. It was Blogsome gave me the first exposure of WordPress. I was happy back then until I found out that Blogsome was as outdated as riding quadricycle in the middle of Toronto city!

And wanted more with my blog!

I moved to the then baby It grows fast. Maybe because it eats a lot. It was so adorable. Matt makes a good father. However my itchy fingers had already got used to playing around with HTMLs but doesn’t allow me to even touch its fancy clothes unless I pay. It said, “no pay, no play!”

I thought it was fine until I, again, felt that I wanted more with my blog so badly. So, I decided to run my blog on my very own server.

My server had excessive storage, so I thought, why don’t I share this with other people. From there, came the idea of BlogrunN where blogs are installed individually and blog owners can have whatever themes and plugins they like.

Bad fengshui 

This blog has been reinstalled so many times. Hopefully this new version of WordPress (2.1 Alpha 3) would make wonders.

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